We have been speaking to our wedding supplier friends about the best advice they can give to couples planning their weddings. Listen up!

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“Let your personalities shine through and don’t feel like you have to stick with tradition. If you share a love of music, films or the great outdoors, why not incorporate that into your big day. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Disney or Underwater themed, do it the way you both want. After all, it’s potentially the biggest party you will ever get to organise” Jellicoe Creative


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“Take a moment for yourselves and do it in comfy shoes…

We’re sort of combining two bits of advice in to one here: The day will fly by.  Take a moment for yourselves just to chill out and be together for a while. We find that lots of couples tell us, taking time out after the ceremony to grab a quick photo-shoot is a good chance to slow the day down, especially if you’re driving to a location…and your photographers are super chill  ; )

If you are planning a shoot midway through the day – wear some super comfy shoes… there’s nothing worse than feeling that you can’t get to where you want to be because you shoes won’t do it and your feet are killing you. If it’s wet, commandeer yourself a pair of cool wellies, there’s nothing like a good splishy splashy walk in a wet field to chill the wedding nerves.  Again  – this is what our brides tell us, so we’re just passing it on… and a happy bride in wellies is nothing short of AWESOME!  : )” Lewis & Schofield Photography


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“Make sure your wedding cuisine best represents YOU as a couple. Don’t worry about trying to accommodate everyone else. It’s your big day. Be bold with your choices. Wedding food is a big part of your celebration, so make sure your caterer works with you to give you the experience that you want, rather than what they tell you you’re able to have!” Beales Gourmet


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“Meet with your prospective suppliers before booking. Make sure what they offer matches your vision.” Pegasus Disco


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“The one piece of advice I would give to a couple in their wedding day is to stick to your budget. Enjoy your day but don’t overspend or get into debt. Ask friends and family to help out with making things to keep the cost down wherever possible, if you have creative friends or family perhaps they could make something for the wedding in lieu of a wedding gift?” Granny’s China Cupboard


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“I would advise to stick to your budget. Over spending can be stressful and can make the wedding planning process unpleasant. it could also leave you in debt which takes the edge off the shiny new wedding ring.

DIY where you can on the fun stuff and leave the professionals to the rest. Try not to be wasteful and just enjoy the process. Your wedding your way! After all, a wedding is just a party to celebrate a marriage, it’s the marriage that counts.” Bridal Reloved Dorchester


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“Don’t make a decision you aren’t happy with. It’s easy to get caught in the wedding rabbit hole and make decisions based on other peoples opinions or because you feel you need to give an answer quickly. At the end of the day you are the ones getting married and you should feel completely comfortable with your choices. The photos and videos will be there for years to come.” Live Laugh Create


We couldn’t agree more with all of the above experienced wedding suppliers. In summary, be happy, stick to a realistic budget, be comfortable, meet your suppliers before booking and don’t feel that you have to fit with tradition!

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