Final Three Months

Final Three Months

If you have always dreamed of planning your own wedding or you already have the plans well in hand then you may want to consider our Final Three Months Service.

The last three months before the wedding are when things start to get really hectic. RSVPs begin to arrive (or not and need to be chased up), special dietary requirements are issued, suppliers want their payments or have queries about arrangements for the day, Aunty Beryl wants to know if there is a nice hotel nearby she can stay at.

Unfortunately for many brides these ‘last minute’ details can mean you wake on your wedding day feeling frazzled not fabulous. Our Last Three Months Services takes all these stresses away. We will pick up the organisation, deal with all the details and make sure everything will be perfect on your special day.

This service also includes support on the big day itself, meaning you can just relax, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of. As always our most important duty is working alongside you to ensure you get the day of your dreams.

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