Choose When You Need Us

If you are not sure how much, or what kind of wedding planning support you are going to need you might like to consider our Plan As You Go Service.

This services means you can get support as and when you need it. You may need help researching and choosing suppliers, dealing with RSVPs or perhaps liaising with your venue. Whatever you need, we will be available to help, advise and assist.

Sam has an exceptional knowledge of local suppliers. She was compassionate, positive and hard-working. I can’t think of a safer pair of hands for your wedding.” Carly

You can choose when you’d like us to support you and use the time when you feel you need it. This a great fall back if you would like to plan your own wedding, but you are not sure you’ll have the time or you just feel like you need some back up. 

If you’d like a chat about this option, drop us a message

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