10 reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

10 reasons to hire a Wedding Planner

There are so many pros to a Wedding Planner helping you create your perfect day, so here’s our top 10 reasons why to hire a professional!

  1. Saves time – Your time is precious, and it can take over 200 hours to plan a wedding (!!!) which is a hefty amount of time to sacrifice, whereas it would be the Wedding Planner’s time, not yours, spent researching and haggling. You can give the ideas of your vision and then attend meetings, trials and tasting to make the executive decisions; leaving the hours spent comparing suppliers to the professionalWedding Planner Dorset
  2. Budget control – It can take all your self control to stay in budget, and 99% of the time people will still go over. The majority of people really do underestimate just how much a wedding can cost, what needs money invested into it, and what can actually take a budget cut. Letting an expert take the reins on the budget will save your bank account in the long run. They can advise on divisions on money, but also keep you up to date on what is being spent where.
  3. Saves money – When you are in the industry, you get to know other suppliers, what they specialise in and their price ranges. A Wedding Planner can give educated insight to who may be best for you; also their contacts and recommended suppliers may come with a discount or deal. Remember, it’s not what you know, but who – enlisting the professional help could mean strings pulled in favour of your wedding.
  4. Valuable advice – A Wedding Planner will know the ins and outs of the whole wedding industry. As an expert in this field they are able to give valuable advice, insight and knowledge into how to create your perfect atmosphere, colour scheme or dance playlist. Whatever it is, they can help based on years of experience.Wedding Planner Dorset
  5. Creativity – They can offer ideas you may not even have considered or thought about, as they have firsthand experience of what can and can’t work, what can work well together and general creativity. Bouncing ideas around with your planner may lead in interesting new inspiration!
  6. Precision – As an old hack at this, nothing will be missed. They know the drill, what happens when, where, and how. They know the details you may not have thought about, and they can be the one to organise the boring details and also have them to hand when you need them, instead of strewn all over your house.
  7. Takes away stress – Be stress free throughout the whole process! Who needs last minute changes, diva bridesmaids or cancellations?! Let your planner take the brunt of it and iron out all the details, leaving you to enjoy every minute of the whole process.
  8. Creates the on the day timeline – Organising a large group of people can be hard to manage, especially getting everyone to the right place at the right time. Your Wedding Planner creates a running order for the day, with precise time slots, but allowing for the dawdlers, late comers or general slow movers. Leave it to the wedding co-ordinator to manage the wedding party to create your timeline and keep everyone and everything┬áto schedule.
  9. Point of contact – It’s the big day. You’re in your gown, ready to go – the last thing you need is someone coming to you with an issue! And trust us, every wedding, big or small, has its technical hitches! Your Wedding Planner┬áhandles all the wedding day issues, extinguishing any ‘fires’ as such, leaving you to be worry free and enjoy this important day!
  10. Save relationships – Planning a wedding can sometimes cause tension between the bride & groom, and their families. Creative differences can cause a rift at times, however, your Wedding Planner knows how to deal with these situations and will act as the middle person to help avoid conflicts.



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