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Who needs On the Day Wedding Coordination? 

Typically, couples who have hired land or who are using their own/a friend’s land. Those using a DIY venue. Those having a marquee wedding and those that are having a ceremony elsewhere and can’t be there to ensure everything is ready for when guests arrive at the reception venue. There are exceptions but from our experience, these are the people who need someone on hand on the wedding day, to make sure everything goes to plan!

What does an On the Day Wedding Coordinator do?

The short answer? Everything!

The longer answer? Every wedding is completely different and each couple’s needs are unique. Our On the Day Coordination role usually involves meeting with the couple prior to the wedding day. We chat about everything that is taking place, offer some advise based on our experience with these types of weddings and draw up a schedule for the day.

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After we’ve met, we then contact each of the suppliers for the wedding day and let them know that we’ll be the point of contact on the day and provide our contact details to them, should they need anything.

On the wedding day, we’re the first to arrive at the venue, so we can be there for each supplier’s arrival and if they are running late, for whatever reason, we can contact them and check they’re on their way and if not, solve the issue.

Throughout the day, we make sure everything is running to time, help gather individuals for group photographs, greet guests, announce the bride and groom, move furniture as necessary and fight any fires that occur (thankfully we haven’t had to fight any actual fires to date!) so that you are none-the-wise and enjoy your special day without a care in the world!

Wedding Planner Dorset

Image Credit: Affinity Photography

Testimonial from one of our 2016 On the Day Coordination couples in Dorset:

“We have such great memories from our wedding. We wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work you put in. We feel that you went way above the call of duty and your assistance in so many ways, helped make the day the success it was.”
Will & Anna

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South Coast Weddings provides a full wedding planning service across Dorset and Hampshire, a 3 month to go package, on the day coordination support as well as tailored options to suit you!

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