We provided On the Day Coordination for Clair & Crispin for their wedding day in Botley, Hampshire.

They had done a fabulous job of being so organised and preparing everything needed for the day ahead of time.

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Each guest had their own mason jar with a tag to write their name on, so they could keep going back to the help yourself bar and add whatever they fancied! We cut up the fruit just before guests arrived, so it remained fresh and the couple ordered an ice delivery directly to the venue, which we were there to accept. We put the drinks in ice well in advance of the guests arriving, so everything was lovely and cool. It was a really hot day, so I’m sure the guests appreciated having an ice cold drink when they arrived.

On the Day Coordination Hampshire

Clair has purchased draping to cover up the walls of the community centre, which completely transformed the venue.

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People opt for DIY Weddings for a number of reasons but the biggest one is flexibility. With a DIY venue, you have a lot more choice about what you spend your money on.

Our biggest tips if you’re having a DIY Wedding are;

  1. Be organised. Keep a spreadsheet of everything.
  2. Budget well. Decide where you’ll spend your money before you start spending it.
  3. Recruit as much help as you can with things before the wedding (invitations, decorations etc), but let everyone enjoy the wedding day with you – hire an On the Day Coordinator
  4. Know your limitations. You may have visions of making everything yourself but if you have a busy job, children or you just hate crafts, that’s not going to work – be realistic about what you can and can’t do.

South Coast Weddings provide Wedding Planning and On the Day Coordination in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

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