Dorset Wedding Venues Part 1

Dorset Wedding Venues Part 1

Dorset is the hub of culture, and there is no end of choices when it comes to registered places to hold your ceremony, or even just the evening celebrations. We have looked into different venues available for Dorset weddings, and what each option offers!

Church Wedding Ceremony Dorset

The Traditional Church Wedding

If Faith is a massive part of your life or heritage, the Church will probably be high on your list; although the two aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to weddings. Those of great, or little, faith can hire a Church for a wedding, which is great as it is a complete package of organ, sound system and lots of seating.  The church will also usually only ask for a donation, lowing the price of renting a registered location – although you may want to look into a separate location for the reception ad Churches may be big and beautiful, but the fellowship halls (on the most part) are not, and there is only so much decorations can do! You may also find, dependant on the church, that there may be less control in the actual ceremony; as a biblical service will be necessary, your organist will most likely be provided, and some places do not allow photography or videography – so it is worth checking these!

Wedding Marquee Dorset

The Marquee Wedding

The great outdoors in a stunning marquee! For the festival or family friendly types – or just those who love to brave the Great British weather!

Flexibility! Oh the flexibility you have is tremendous, from size, style, layout  and decoration, the world (or budget) is your oyster!  When it comes to venue decoration, DJ, a bar and in many cases, caterers, you can hire in as much or as little extra as you like. Fun things like a Prosecco van or ice cream truck are free to come and go! Traditional sit down meals can be replaced with a hog roast, pizza van or fish and chips.

It does add stress onto the wedding party, unless you hire a wedding planner, as all extras do need to be hired in, coordinated, and decoration is DIY, unless you hire a professional company. This means you have to consider everything from chairs, glasses for the toast and entertainment, which is extra planning and on the day service – it is usually advisable to hire a On the Day Wedding Coordinator to come in and alleviate this stress!

Due to the loud festivities, checking the licensing of the marquee location is pretty important, as we don’t want to upset neighbours and have the celebration shut down early. Other things to think about and arrange is accommodation for the guests; where will they stay? Are there nearby hotels, or can they camp? Is it close enough to home to taxi, or will you arrange a coach? It’s expected for you to know this – because people will ask!

WET WEATHER PLAN. We all know what it is like here, one day Californian sunshine, the next Rainforest downpour. Be ready, Be prepared. Pack Wellies and remember, whatever the weather, this is YOUR big day – dance the night away and don’t down let it rain on your parade!

If you need some help with researching what’s available or with your Wedding Planning or On the Day Coordination, please do get in touch and we can call or meet up for a chat about your Dorset wedding!

Wedding Planner Dorset Wedding Planning Hampshire

South Coast Weddings offer wedding planning and on the day coordination across Dorset and Hampshire, with a dedicated wedding planner for your wedding day. Please contact us to tell us about your wedding and let us know how we can help reduce your wedding stress!



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