Dorset Wedding Venues Part 2

Dorset Wedding Venues Part 2

Coastal Dream Wedding

Making the most of our beautiful coastline, and the stunning backdrop that it will be for your wedding photographs is a dream for many couples on their wedding day. Our world renowned beaches from Sandbanks to Swanage are an envious wedding destination, bringing the sun, sea and sand into your nuptials. Very similar to the previous blog with marquee weddings, you have the freedom with some venues to do as you please, but  there are lots of things to consider, the main one being the elements; be prepared if it rains! However, with beach side hotels offering the best of both your options really are open. No matter the venue, if you choose to take photos on the beach, privacy will be something to compromise on, as the beach is still open to the public. As anyone local to Dorset will know, parking at the seaside is a killer – so be prepared with a guide of where to park, or maybe look into other options, perhaps a Big Red Bus taking the whole wedding party to your destination!

Beach Wedding Dorset

The Princess Wedding

Castles and Stately homes are scattered around every corner of Dorset, and the grandeur it can add to the wedding, with historic interior design oozing with character is enviable. The stunning scenery offers a fantastic backdrop for wedding photographers and videographers. These grand places are particularly cosy in the winter, with huge fireplaces and candlelight flickering in the windows, it creates a romantic atmosphere effortlessly.

Typically, the venue will have recommended caterers and florists, but there can be flexibility with allowing you to bring your own suppliers in, with some Dorset venues. The downside for this would be distance, as although there are many around Dorset they can be quite rural and would require the party to drive or taxi to and from the wedding, or stay nearby where possible. Also, as they are old buildings some accessibility may be restricted, so this may need to be checked, depending on your guests and chosen suppliers.

Stately Home Castle Wedding Dorset

The Small and Intimate

Registry office wedding ceremonies offer a close and intimate wedding, for those close and personal to you to witness your marriage.  The cost to rent the magistrates is fairly low, meaning more money can be spent elsewhere, such as at the reception or wedding breakfast.  Decoration of the registry office isn’t a possibility as there are many weddings there daily, but if your main focus is the celebrations afterwards, then you can go to town on venue decor and flowers at your chosen reception venue! As a venue it is simple, elegant and easy for the wedding party, especially as they are usually located fairly central to town, meaning travel to the next location is easy. It’s subtle, small and intimate, for those who you love most.

The All In

The hotel wedding is a popular choice as, as well as being elegant and sophisticated, they are used to large numbers of guest so move quickly and professionally. There are usually package deals for weddings and the price may include things such as, catering, flowers or a honeymoon suite, and although this is easier in the planning, it could potentially restrict your ideas. Parking and accommodation are easily accessed, and most hotels are central to a town, village or a city centre so other transport links or hotels will be nearby.

By choosing a hotel wedding, it doesn’t mean you have exclusive use of the venue, so there may be other members of the public floating around; also, your evening ends when the hotel dictates, as they have to consider the other guests, so if you are a wild party animal be sure to check the end time!

Wherever you choose, you are not short of wedding venues in Dorset! There are hundreds of venues, all catering to different ideas and needs so shop about, and break down the pros and cons and decide on what is perfect for you both and your big day.

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