First Wedding Dance

First Wedding Dance

Iconic dance couples that come to mind might be; Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. Most have seen their impressive dance partnerships and see them as the very pinnacle of what a dance duet should look like. But, how far away is the reality of achieving such a spectacle? Of recent years couples have started to impress their wedding guests with slickly choreographed first dances replicating these iconic dances.

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First dances are no longer just about the couple’s first romantic dance. Bride and Grooms are now entertaining their guests with surprise choreographed dances, flash mobs, and fun group dances. The first dance can now be romantic, fun and breath taking all in one dance. In order to achieve such a spectacular moment bride and grooms need to achieve ‘The Three C’s’.

Comfort: For many dancing in front of a crowd of your nearest and dearest is terribly daunting. Bride and Grooms have often described their first dance together as an ‘awkward shuffle’. This is NOT due to the couples dance ability. Avoiding this ‘awkward’ feeling is simple, practise. It is an age old saying ‘Practise makes perfect’. Couples need to practice the feeling of dancing with each other to feel comfortable. After that you can add the steps.

Confidence: Feeling confident standing in front of your guests comes back to how much practise has been put into the dance, choreographed or not. When a series of movements are performed and repeated several times, the brain remembers the muscle activity ‘Muscle Memory’. When the steps have become second nature, couples can have fun with their dance, which leads to looking and feeling confident.

Control: After the couple can practically do their first dance in their sleep, to achieve an impressive first dance the bride and groom should instil a sense of control. This control is the flare. Wedding guests are like judges, and couples who want to impress should aim to control their movements to create impact. Control can take a sloppy, yet well-rehearsed dance, to an unforgettable first dance. It’s the “Icing on the cake”.

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First Love Dance offers a personalised service with a free consultation to meet the couple. This is crucial when choreographing with couples in mind to gage their personalities and what they want for their first dance. Laura Mendes tailors the choreography to suit the couple, drawing on experience of many dance styles and techniques. When it comes to the lessons, tuition is relaxed and couples feel at ease learning their dance. Laura is open and flexible to changes in choreography, it is important to adapt movements when something does not work. Support continues when couples practice independently at home via videos and printed break down of the steps. Lastly, First Love Dance offers performance tips in lessons to achieve that spectacular first dance, adding the flare.

First Love Dance offers first dance packages to suit everyone’s budget according to what they are after. Prices start at £65. For more information on package prices and Laura Mendes please visit:

Contact Laura directly:
07817 866 980


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