Marquee Weddings Dorset

Marquee Weddings Dorset

Here at South Coast Weddings, we’ve organised our fair share of Dorset marquee weddings, so are all too familiar with all the issues that having a marquee weddings can bring but also all the upsides too!

Wedding Marquee Dorset

We are very lucky here in Dorset to have an abundance of marquee venues. Whether that be an existing venue with a marquee option, or a site where a marquee can be erected for you; some with camping & glamping as well.

Choosing the marquee option for your wedding is great if you’d like to use the outdoor space and have a bit more freedom than a hotel, for example, can offer.

DIY Wedding Dorset

The image above shows a clear span marquee, from Camelot Marquees. The beauty of this type of marquee is that it is a steel structure, with no supporting poles inside the marquee and all of the clear panels that you can see, roll up to bring the outside in and vice versa. This is perfect for large numbers of people as it makes the layout inside very easy.

Tipi Marquee DorsetTipi Dorset These marquees are called Tipis, from Coastal Tents, also based here in Dorset.

They are stunning structures and make for beautiful photographs. They also fit in with a wide variety of wedding themes.






Venue Styling Dorset Marquee Dorset Pom Poms Dorset Vintage Wedding Dorset

Our favourite thing about a marquee wedding is that you can have a blank canvas for every wedding but depending on couple’s themes and decorations, they can look completely different every time!

We’ve been involved in planning and coordinating marquee weddings in Dorset where the couples have had themes such as festivals, fetes, garden parties, vintage and some even more unusual. One of our favourite involved a unicorn ice luge and lights in the shape of flowers as tall as the marquee, which looked incredible at night.

Caterer Dorset Catering Dorset Afternoon Tea Wedding Dorset

A very popular option, food wise, at marquee weddings is afternoon tea. This may be because you could effectively feed a large number of people for a relatively low cost. Although organising the catering yourselves does come with its own set of challenges and we’d recommend that wherever possible, you leave your wedding catering to the professionals. Especially as there are a large number of excellent Dorset caterers providing fabulous food for all budgets.

This is only a snippet of what we could tell you about choosing a marquee wedding. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss the marquee option further. We’re happy to recommend Dorset marquee venues to you.


Wedding Planner Dorset Wedding Planning Hampshire

South Coast Weddings offer wedding planning and on the day coordination across Dorset and Hampshire, with a dedicated wedding planner for your wedding day. Please contact us to tell us about your wedding and let us know how we can help reduce your wedding stress!

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