Cake is one of my favourite things so here at South Coast Weddings, we probably have a more extensive list of amazing wedding cake makers than any other supplier.
It never ceases to amaze us that people can create such works of art from cake and have them taste as good as they look.
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Here are some local wedding cake companies in Dorset and Hampshire that you should check out;
Dorset Wedding Planner
As wedding planners, it is essential for us to have great relationships with the wedding suppliers that we recommend, as it is a reflection of our business.
You won’t be disappointed with any of the above cake makers – we have personally sampled each and every one of their cakes. Tough job but someone has to do it!
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When to cut the cake
We often get asked by couples when they should cut the cake. The short answer is that there is no right and wrong time, it’s whatever will suit your day.
Some couples choose to serve the wedding cake as dessert – this is great if you are on a budget, so you’re not paying our for a third course as well as cake. In this case, we’d suggest cutting the cake when everyone has sat down for the meal, to give the kitchen time to cut it up.
Others want their evening guests to enjoy the cutting and eating of the cake, so many choose to cut it right before their first dance.
If you have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator at your venue, chat to them about the best time, based on your day.
Above all, I’d ask the venue or your wedding planner/coordinator to wrap you some cake up. So many couples don’t get a chance to try their own wedding cake because they’re so busy being mini-celebs on the day. It’ll be lovely to enjoy a piece the day after with a nice warm cuppa!
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