We so often get asked ‘Who should we book as our wedding photographer?’ or ‘What is the average price for a wedding photographer?’

There is no short answer to that because someone charging £500 to photograph your wedding, is likely to be more inexperienced, maybe just starting out but that might fit in with your budget.

Someone charging £2000 is most certainly offering wedding photography as their full-time profession and will be extremely experienced.

It’s important to do your research about the style of wedding photography you like and when you’ve narrowed that down, you can meet up with a handful of people to see who you gel with. Your photographer will spend almost your whole day with you, so you need to like that person!

Questions to ask wedding photographers:

Is the work you’re showing me your own? Unfortunately there are some people who would pass other’s work off as theirs.

Do you have previous clients we could talk to? It’s great to chat to a couple of people who have booked the photographer, to get their point of view.

Can we give you a list of ‘posed’ photographs we’d like? Most photographers will encourage you to give them a short list of group shots but do keep in mind that this will take time on your wedding day and realistically, how long do you want to stand around grinning like a Cheshire cat?

Have you worked at our venue before? This isn’t essential, especially if they’re going to do a site visit ahead of the day but if they have shot many weddings at the venue, they’ll most likely have learned all the secret nooks and crannies, the best light in each spot at certain times of the day/year.

What will you be wearing? A bit personal maybe but if it’s a formal wedding, you may not want your photographer rocking up in jeans.

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Above Photographs: Stephen Duncan Photography


Recommended Photographers

Our list of incredible wedding photographers is endless, so we’ve narrowed it down to those ten that we’ve worked with recently.

Bridle Photography

Jack Aldridge Photography

Lewis and Schofield Photography 

Liza Edgington Photography

Lotus Photography

Maja Tsolo Photography

Melissa Megan Photography

Mike Plunkett Photography

Sadie Osborne Photography

Stephen Duncan Photography


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