We need to stop the narrative that wedding suppliers are expensive. It is not true! 
If a supplier is outside of your budget, that does not mean that they are expensive, it means your budget won’t accommodate them.
If you’ve had a quote and you think it’s a lot, have a think about some of the things that wedding suppliers have to pay out for and allow for within each quote;
👉🏻 Their time (before, during & after the wedding)
👉🏻 Insurance
👉🏻 Fuel
👉🏻 Rent & Utilities
👉🏻 Staff
👉🏻 Ingredients/Products
👉🏻 Training
👉🏻 Software 

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Of course, there will always be a cheaper quote out there. Just be sure that the cheaper quote is;
❓ Like for like on products/quality
❓ From an insured company
❓ A trusted supplier with good reviews and reputation
And, suppliers won’t always be within your budget, which is fine and there are things you can do to stretch your budget further;
💞 Be honest and upfront with your suppliers about your budget
💞 Ask if there’s a way to stretch your budget further by tweaking products/ingredients
💞 DIY or ask family/friends to help
Not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to their wedding and it’s completely up to you which aspects of the day you spend more money on.
What you can’t then do is expect a supplier to provide their products/services at a cheaper price to fit in with whatever is left of your budget.
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I always advise couples to sit down before you start booking anything at all. Each make a list of priorities for your wedding, for example; a large venue to accommodate all of your family and friends or you may be real foodies so top notch food is number one priority.
Bring your lists together, compare and compromise.
Then make two list together:
One) Must have and
Two) Would be nice to have
This will help you decide where to spend more of your wedding budget. If then, nearer to the time, you have some money left, you can add in something else that was further down the priority list.

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