Due to the current pandemic, many couples have no choice but to postpone their weddings, whilst others are choosing to, so they can eventually have the wedding that they originally planned.

Here’s some tips if you’re postponing your wedding, or not!

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This is key to easing your stress. Contact your suppliers you definitely can’t do without (venue, caterer etc) and find out their availability. It’s better to do it this way round rather than tell them the new date and find out they’re already booked because you’re then looking at potentially losing a deposit and having to find a new supplier. The ideal is that you can get all of your suppliers available on the same date.

This can take a bit of to-ing and fro-ing due to the fact that a lot of their other couples will also be doing the same and suppliers diaries will be full of post-it notes/pencilled in dates etc – a bit of a logistical nightmare!

Stay Calm

I know that this is easier said than done sometimes, especially with negative news everywhere, but I’d advise sticking to the official government updates to then make a decision about whether to postpone.

Keep in touch with your venue about available dates but do keep in mind that they will be prioritising those with weddings that 100% aren’t happening because of lockdown and trying to help them find dates first. This can feel extremely frustrating but do try to be patient.


If you were lucky enough to get wedding insurance before COVID-19 hit, have a read through and see what you’re covered for. If you do end up postponing and suppliers aren’t available for your new date, you may be covered for any lost deposits etc.

Wedding Planner Dorset

Plough Ahead

Some couples, understandably, want to go ahead with their wedding ceremony, regardless of how many guests can attend but are worried about how to tell guests that were invited that they can no longer attend. Believe me when I say that it won’t come as a shock to most people that they aren’t able to attend if the legal guest numbers are 13, for example. And remember, you don’t have to have the maximum amount. If it’s too hard to choose 13 people, just have parents and siblings, for example.

If you’d still like family and friends to be involved, you can set up a Zoom video so everyone can watch from home. They can either dress up and feel part of it (you can create your own hashtag so you get to see everyone’s ‘at home’ photos) or stay in their pjs!

Stationery companies, such as Graceful Lace, have beautiful options for invitations/postponements.

Be Kind

It’s important to remember that the majority of wedding suppliers have lost a year or more in income in bookings. They want nothing more than to be working and helping you with your wedding. They will be doing their very best to fit in with your plans.


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